RILICO PP Plywood to bring efficiency to your next project

RILICO PP plastic plywood focus on excellent projects.
August 12, 2020
Sales visit the PP plastic plywood factory
March 6, 2023

The construction industry is fast changing. It becomes more efficient and eco-friendly by the day. Hence most conventional materials that’s highly energy consuming and environmentally unfriendly will be obsolete eventually. So how does construction companies stay ahead in the game in these times? for the revolutionary form work plywood- RILICO PP-TECH, to bring efficiency to your next project.

Using 0.5mm thick of plastic materials, together with reinforced plastic film, infused onto plywood with patented technology, the RILICO PP-Tech Plastic Plywood is strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Not only does our production technology preserves the bonding of the plywood, it increases its static bending strength, making it one of the highest re-usable formwork material in the market.

The base panel for RILICO PP-TECH plastic plywood uses only grade A core veneer, which are carefully selected and Low moisture contained. There are no knots on the veneer and are stitched into full sheet before overlaying. Hence eliminating overlaps and increase the strength of the board.

For the RILICO PP-TECH plastic plywood base panel, we use our own special blend of glue to ensure the quality. Moreover, we control the speed the glue is spread over the core veneer to ensure it’s even and sufficient.

The quality of base panel is first reflected after coming out of the hot press machine. Here at RILICO, we have done numerous experiments and rigorous tests at this stage to Ensure our base panel meets the requirement for RILICO PP-TECH plastic plywood.

Strength isn’t just the only requirement for the RILICO PP-TECH Plastic Plywood base panel. It has to be of homogenous thickness across the board and the surface has to be smooth. Hence before going through the plastic production line, each base panel will be checked thoroughly. This will enable the final product to perform its best under different climate, minimise twisting and warping, and ensuring a smooth surface of the form work.

RILICO PP-TECH Plastic Plywood is our unique and patented product. Created and perfected after 6 years of continuous R&D and millions of dollars poured in, we have the core technology and solid inspection procedure, applying the ETC and EHC methods after each batch is produced.