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May 19

RILICO Film Faced Plywood

POWER FORM Film Faced Plywood -Combi Core With Finger Joint -WBP Glue -Black Film 120G/M2 -Re-use 4 Times   STONEPLEX Film Faced Plywood -Combi Core -WBP Glue -Brown Film 120g/m2...
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Oct 18

Looking ahead to the timber market

Trade in conifers such as camphor pine, radix pine, southern pine, and hemlock reached an all-time high in 2017 due to strong demand for wood in major global markets.It is estimated that about 126 million cubic meters of coniferous wood are transported from forest resource developed countries such as Canada, Russia, Sweden
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Feb 18

The basic principle of wood drying

Wood drying refers to the heat and humidity treatment of wood with appropriate targeted drying technology and equipment under the premise of ensuring good quality of wood, which is a process of continuous removal of moisture in wood.The moisture in wood includes free water;Absorbed water;And combined water
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